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A Mother-Daughter Journey's Journal
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Thursday, May 17th, 2007
9:46 am
My two cents...
We are here!!!!

We are tired!!!

But we are READY to go!!!!

I'm sure Jenn's parents think we are moving in for sure.  But you know mom and me...completely unorganized overachievers overpackers.  I have reduced some of my stuff because I gave freakyartychickand felis_felicistheir gifts...so they can carry them.  *grins*

Train rides are VERY long....and bumpy...but not as bad as I thought it would be.

I will probably NOT sleep on the way home only because I will be afraid of OVERSLEEPING!!!

Note to self: 


Get a GOOD book before you leave... Mom can suffer with the light on. ;)

Dubious love,


Current Mood: amused
9:27 am
We made it!
The train ride was long and we brought WAY too much stuff, but it was worth it.  After a 4 hour delay at the start we were able to make up 1 hour traveling.  

Most of the scenery was trees going by very fast....but once we got into LA things changed.
We saw some of Katrina's aftermath in neighborhoods that looked deserted but still had cars parked in front, so I'm not sure what was occupied and what wasn't. 

We came in in the beginning of dark and rode through rain, so weren't able to see as much as we would have liked.  Today is sunny and bright so we are hoping to see much more.

We met our roommates and know that we are going to have a wonderful time together!

Jenn's mom and dad and grandma are very nice people and so hospitable.  Being Nursery people, there gardens are beautiful.  Marina and Carol would be jealous.

We will be packing up soon to start the ride into New Orleans and on to the fun!

Talk Later 
Wednesday, May 16th, 2007
12:27 am
So, just when I thought we were leaving...it seems that our train was delayed.  Instead of leaving at the scheduled 10:34p.m. time...
We are still waiting at 12:37p.m.  They think it may be 1:45 before the train will get here.

And what was the big delay?  The train needed a new windshield wiper!  Now why does it need new wipers?  As far as I know we won't be leaving the track.

The lady with her 2 little kidlets and her 4 month old baby haven't been doing too well, but the couple sitting across from us have been very nice and we have been having interesting conversations.  She is a big Harry Potter fan!  I knew they were nice people!

Amber finished a bag while she was here, so at leaset it was productive for her.  But it was interesting.  I know more about the lady with her kids and her 'baby-daddy then I ever wanted to know;>

Current Mood: tired
Tuesday, May 15th, 2007
9:12 pm
Starting out
We made it through the rain to Champaign 3 hours before our train is set to leave.  We parked in long term parking about 2 blocks away and trekked through a raging monsoon to get to the terminal.  It took 3 trips to get everything and although I lied about the monsoon, we did get a little wet. 

The man at the ticket booth was quite nice, although he tends to disappear from time to time beneath the counter.

Amber & I are set up at a table with a 20 inch carry on, 2 duffel bags and a garment bag, along with a huge bag Amber is calling her purse, my laptop and a 6'2" Chudley Cannons blanket.  She is crocheting of course and I have tapped into the wifi.

It is all very exciting and we are looking forward to boarding the Hogwarts Express...I mean...The City of New Orleans.
Monday, May 14th, 2007
11:24 pm
*panicked flailing*
I'm at that point.

I'm ready to practically move in with all that I've packed to go to NOLA...and I KNOW I will forget SOMETHING!!!!

But I have yarn....I have books...I have notebook and pen...I think.

Hmmmm....I still have to find my wand....and mom's

I think they are in my room...or I have more up there.

I just have to remember which bags are carry on and which are check...

I leave in just 19 hours...well, for the train station...I will be on my first real train ride in 23 hours.

I hope I have everything packed...
Sunday, May 6th, 2007
11:19 pm
need to make a to-do list...

Complete with packing list...

things to buy

things to bring

things that have to be done no matter what

Perhaps I will go off to do that now....
12:19 am
*small squail*
It *is* after midnight here, you know...

I got my work schedule for the day I leave for PR...and I get to open that day...which means that I get off work a half hour earlier than I normally would...giving me an extra half hour to get to the train station.

Mom and I have it worked out.

She's going to take me into work that day, finish up with her errands, packing, whatnot (mine will all be done AND in the car before Tuesday morning...), then she will collect me from work and we will be off...

She's got directions, but I think I am going to drive...It's MY car.  :D

The train leaves at 10:30 pm....giving us 5 hours from the time I get off work to departure...Champaign is less that 2 hours away...and it's recommended we get there an hour before...so I will even get to eat dinner.

I just hope I am not still working on my ATC's when we get on the train...speaking of which...I should go work on a couple NOW!
Friday, May 4th, 2007
8:23 am
Do you realize....

I will be packing
7 blankets (6 of them lap/smaller blankets)....
10(?) bags....
(for me and mum)


regular packing needs (clothes and such)
Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007
10:31 am
I SHOULD be getting ready to leave....

I do have to work today. 

But I have to go to the mall first (book and new HP stuffs)

AND I have to go to Hobby Lobby for more stuff for NOLA.

This time in 2 weeks mom and I are going to be heartily sick of each other as we ride the train.

Mom's still trying to get me to get dressed in robes before we leave the train.  I don't know how I feel about looking like uber-dorks in NOLA, but I suppose it would help freakyartychick and felis_felicis find us faster....

13 days until we leave!!!
Tuesday, May 1st, 2007
4:10 pm
Two WEEKS!!!
*deep breath*

can't breathe, can't breathe, can't breathe.

Work over the next two weeks is going to be interesting.  I'm excited, yet nervous about it.

I know that if I have desk 3-5 on Tuesday the 15th, I am going to irritate the HELL out of everyone!!!

*makes note to bring extra Red Bull that day*
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